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Essential oils & #Selfcare & Wellness benefits

Hello all! Hope you found the last blog post useful. In this post, I will touch on the benefits of other popular Essential Oils (Eos) with highly effective restorative and therapeutic properties.

Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Grapefruit, Patchouli & Lemongrass. The benefits of each of these are outlined in the tables you see below.

Many of these EOs are commonly found in bodycare, skincare, haircare product formulations. The various combinations also yield different benefits.

At The Scent Apothecary, these EOs are found in product formulations for aromatherapy room sprays, pure essential diffuser oils, reed diffusers and body cleansers.

Most importantly, they are all very good for #selfcare and holistic wellness.


· Cooling & refreshing

· Antiseptic

· Eases digestive upsets

· Soothes bites & stings

· Relieves headaches

· Avoid use in cardiac fibrillation and near the nose in children under seven yrs old


· Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial

· Great especially for hair & scalp as it stimulates circulation

· Aids detox, relieves water retention & fights cellulite

· Improves focus & concentration

· Boost circulation

Tea Tree

• Boost immunity

• Fights skin infections

• Heals cut, scrapes & bruises

• Popular remedy for acne & pimples

• Acts as a hair tonic to restore balance of oils when massaged into scalp

• Antiseptic properties fights cold & flu symptoms


• Energizing & uplifting oil

• Combats fatigue

• Aids detox by improving lymphatic drainage, helps boost metabolism and assists weight lost

• Combats cellulite and water retention

• Soothes aches & pains

• Tones skin and scalp

• Avoid liberal application (in any product) 12 hours before sun exposure


· Repairs, tones & cleanses skin – regenerates skin cells, moisturizes dry skin and as an astringent, helps balance skin oils

· Aids detox – anti diuretic effect makes it useful in anti-cellulite skincare products

· Enhances mood, anti-depressant

· Aids digestion

· Repels insects


· Refreshing & stimulating oil

· Antiseptic effects can help relieve acne, eczema

· Acts as insect-repellent

· Aids digestion – natural appetite stimulant and good remedy for gastric infections

· Eases aches & pains in muscles and soothes headaches

· Enhances wellbeing by calming nerves, easing depression and stress

· Avoid use on hypersensitive skin and in children under 7 yo

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